How to remove too much sealer from decorative concrete driveway

Q. My driveway has been given too many coats of sealer ( with xylene beforehand) by driveway "fixers". At least one of the re-seals was done in wet weather. What can I do now to have the excess sealer ( now whitish) removed?

A. Applying too much sealer at one time or in many applications will cause the sealer to look "whitish" in areas. Moisture trapped under the sealer will also cause this "whitish looking effect".

There are a few ways to remove the concrete sealer.

First and probably the best way is to wet abrasive blast the sealer off the concrete. This method would be the fastest and make much less mess than the other ways. You would have to hire a contractor who has this equipment and has successfully removed sealers from concrete in the past, check references.

Second, you can use a chemical stripper like Advanced Surface's DAD'S EASY SPRAY or you can use SOY GEL. It may take you several applications to completely remove all the concrete sealer.

Third, you could hire someone to lightly sandblast the sealer off the surface. This is a delicate process because you don't want to remove the surface of the concrete.

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