I want to make concrete pillars to build a wooden house on

by philippe
(Wrexham - holt)

Hi there, I am looking at building a small wooden house which i want to build on a wooden base, supported by concrete pillars in the ground with wooden struts sticking out to attache the floor to.

The concrete pillars i have designed look like up side down funnels which will have a bracket on the top to screw my wooden posts into.

Please could you advise what concrete mixture i should make to ensure that the concrete pillar is as strong as possible.


Keep in mind I'm not an engineer, I can give you my opinion but it's just that, an opinion. Please contact an engineer for the best advice.

In the U.S. we would use concrete with a compressive strength of 4000 - 5000 psi to construct pillars like you are suggesting. This is equivalent to 30 - 35 MPa concrete.

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