L.M. Scoffield Acid Stain

Q. Got the acid stain product in my dark bottom pool, water looks greenish brown now. Did I change the color of concrete in my pool or just the water? What do I do?

A. You may have changed the color of the concrete in your pool slightly, it depends on how much acid stain went into the pool water. Chances are it was so diluted from the water it didn't change the color much, or at all.

You can neutralize the acid by dumping baking powder into the water, how much depends on how much water is in the pool.

I would try a 5 pound bag, let it circulate for a day, then have the water tested. Again it all depends on how much acid stain was dumped or spilled into the water.

You may need to buy more pool chemicals to bring the water back to the correct PH after using the baking soda. Call your local pool company and check with them before doing anything.

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