Orange peel effect from concrete sealer

by mark

I recently acid stained my concrete floors (new construction} I feel I did everything right, concrete had cured for 8 months, covered with tyvek during construction, I buffed with black pad etc., before applying increte acid stain full strength. The hard part was rinsing. I first used solution of baking soda then rinsed 3 more times, each time using a brush and shop vac to remove all residue. I let dry and even wiped down with white rags till absolutely no visible residue, allowed to dry for 4 days. They were pretty even without the sealer just dull. I knew the next step was the important one. After much research I decided to apply increte acrylic solvent based stain with a 1/4 nap roller. Here is where I think I might have messed up. After consulting many experts I was told the biggest mistake would be to apply too much sealer, so I think I did the opposite (too thin}. the first coat went on great, the floors were beautiful the color and marbling was wonderful, by the way I used only about 1 gal. per 900 sq. ft. but maintained a wet edge. I waited 5 hrs and the floors looked awesome, very slick and smooth. I began to apply another thin coat (maybe too thin?} again I only used maybe 1 gal. per 900 sq. ft. again looked great until the next morning when the light hits at a certain angle I see what appears to be light orange peeling consistently throughout the floors. You have to be looking for it but it does bother me. I guess I am being too much of a perfectionist. The floors are still beautiful in color and shine and when you rub your hand across them they feel slick, but this still bothers me because I put so much effort into this project. Is there a fairly simple fix i.e. another coat possibly thicker, use xylene or as one recommended another coat 1/2 xylene 1/2 sealer. By the way a week earlier i had done my outside covered porches which were part of the same concrete slab as the house but was only able to get 1 thin coat of sealer before weather turned bad. I had to wait 5 days to apply the 2nd coat. I applied it in the exact same manner as the 2nd coat inside my house (very thin)the only difference being the amount of time between coats and they have no orange peel effect they almost appear to have been sprayed they are that slick. Everything I have read attributes orange peel effect to applying too heavy which there is no way I did at 1 gal. per 900 sq. ft. except for one article I read that suggested that maybe my second coat by being so thin did not have time or there was not enough sealer to self level. I know I might be too particular but the mild orange peel effect bothers me and do I even have enough thickness of sealer to protect. I also plan on applying 3 coats of sacrificial wax, would this help?

A. I would try another coat of sealer, mix 1/2 xylene and 1/2 sealer. When we apply concrete sealer the first coat goes down at 500 sq. ft. per gallon and the second coat at 300 sq. ft. per gallon. You don't have enough sealer for protection yet. The second coat probably dried too fast because it was so thin, not allowing it to lay out evenly. Applying 3 coats of wax will also help.

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