Oxide colored cement floor

by Bill Gardiner
(Henley on Klip)

Q. What sealer do I use on a freshly laid concrete patio floor. I have used Oxide to color the floor. It is a patio with no roofing and will be exposed to the sun.
I would like to have a matte finish and non slip surface.

A. If you want to protect the concrete and enhance the color at the same time you can use a topical, film forming, sealer that bonds to the surface of the concrete. These sealers are acrylic based and should be re-applied every 2 - 3 years.

I use a sealer from Elite Crete called CSS Emulsion. To find a distributor near you click HERE. This sealer will slightly darken or enhance the color.

If you like the color just the way it is, you can use a penetrating sealer from RadonSeal called DryWay. This sealer penetrates the surface, protecting the concrete from blocking any surface water from penetrating.

If you use the CSS Emulsion sealer, an additive, aluminum oxide, can be added to give it a matte finish and provide a non-slip surface.

If you use the DryWay sealer, the color will not change from the way it looks now and the surface texture will not change.

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