the best paint for concrete floors and patios

What is the best paint for concrete walkways, patios, floors, & pool decks?

Painting concrete floors is a great way to enhance your dull gray floor and give you that shiny, clean look that you've always wanted.

Throughout my years of experience with painting concrete floors, I have found the best paint to use is by Sherwin Williams. It is called the Con Flex Concrete Paint.

Another paint I have found to work well that you can buy through Amazon is Decorative Concrete Coating by Kilz.

Why is Con flex Concrete paint the best paint?

  • Can be applied to concrete less than 28 years old
  • Can be applied to concrete with a higher pH (up to 13)
  • Primer not needed
  • Waterproof / Slip-Proof
  • Available in smooth or textured finishes
  • Quick dry
  • Available in hundred of colors

For more information, check out the Product Data Sheet.


These paints are not for garage floors! Go to the bottom of the page and learn about epoxy floor coatings if you are looking to paint your garage floor.

when it comes to painting your concrete floor, there are specific steps you should follow to successfully complete your project. They include:

  • Clean the Concrete 
  • Repair: Cracks, Holes, Chips, & Spalling
  • Vacuum / Leaf Blow Surface
  • Mix and Apply Paint
  • Optional*: Apply a Clear Concrete Sealer to Help Protect the Concrete

I will explain these steps in further detail and add links to buy all products on this page!

Step 1: Clean the concrete

The first step to successfully applying the paint to your concrete floor is making sure the surface is nice and clean. The easiest way to do this is by using a power wash!

I recommend using the DEWALT power wash

**After power washing the concrete, make sure to let it dry completely before moving onto step 2.

Step 2: Repair concrete

If you'd like your concrete to look brand new, this step is crucial. If your concrete has any cracks, holes, chips, and / or spalling, make sure to patch them up. 

In the video shown above, I used Cement All by RapidSet. This product is easy to use and always gets the job done. Just mix with water and apply to area that needs repair with a putty knife or a steel trowel.

Let the patched area harden and smoothen the patch by using a rubbing stone. Once the patched area is smooth, you're ready to start painting. 

Here's a video where I repair a concrete patio using a similar product if you'd like further demonstration.

Step 3: vacuum / leaf blow

The final step to prepping your concrete is to vacuum or leaf blow the surface. You want to make sure the surface is completely clean and there is no dirt or debris.

I use the DEWALT leaf blower.

Any shop vac would work if you already have one of those.

Step 4: mix paint and Apply first coat

After all the prep / clean work on the concrete is done, you can finally begin to paint! 

First, mix the paint using a mixing paddle and battery drill. Then, pour paint into a paint roller bucket.

Begin cutting edges with paint brush and 4 inch roller. Then, you can start applying paint with 18 inch roller.

Once first layer is applied, wait until the paint is tack free and dry to touch to apply the second layer.

*Make sure to follow manufacturers instructions for coverage rates.

Step 5 (OPTIONAL): apply sealer

I don't usually apply a sealer on top of the Con Flex Concrete Paint because I feel it will be fine without one. However, if you'd like to apply a sealer, I recommend using the AR 350 Foundation Armor Sealer. This is one of my favorite sealers that will last a long time. 

If you'd like to see how to apply it, watch this video.

Epoxy floors

Epoxy paint is one of the most economical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing ways to upgrade the look of a concrete floor.

An epoxy floor coating will be very easy to clean, resist stains and spills, reduce floor repairs, and hide minor imperfections.

If you'd like to learn more about Epoxy Floors, check out these pages:

I also have a course on how to apply an epoxy floor coating

Painting a concrete floor is something you can do yourself if your concrete floor doesn't need extensive repairs.

If you have the right tools and follow my step by step guide you should be just fine.

See how to paint a concrete floor for a list of tools and the guide on how to do it yourself.

For other ideas about painting a concrete floor click on GARAGE FLOOR COATINGS.

To learn how I fix cracks in a concrete floor, check out this page: EPOXY CONCRETE REPAIR.

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