patchy sealer (tinted)

by jamie pignataro
(kiama nsw)

Q. Hi, I sealed my exposed blue metal driveway about 12 months ago and I put black tint in the sealer(recomended by suppliers)and after a few months it started to go patchy,like some areas were blacker than others.

At the time it was first done it looked really good and there was no sign of patchyness anywhere.
It only had one coat and I was wondering if this is the problem or is it because I might of went over the same area twice which has made an inconsistent color.

It needs re-doing and I am wondering what I have to do for preparation, also do I need to thin darkish areas out first

Hope you can help
Thanks Jamie

PS The product I used was Lusterseal acrylic clear sealer containing 720/L of hydrocarbon solvent and I put lustreseal black tint in that. I can't remember the quantity of tint I put in the 20ltr but it was not much, it was much less than 400 or 500mls because I could see the gray concrete still when it was first done.

Also I have two unopened clear sealer drums which have been under my house for probably 18 months or more are these still usable?

A. I coat of sealer on a concrete driveway will wear off fairly quickly. That's probably what happened in your case.

Clean the driveway by pressure washing it. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then reseal it, this time give it 2 coats, 24 hours in between coats. The patchy look should go away and the driveway will look like new again.

You can try the old sealer if it hasn't been frozen or subject to below freezing temperatures. If it has, throw it out and buy some new sealer. If it hasn't, try it on a small area and let it dry overnight before doing the whole driveway. If it looks good, spray the rest of the driveway.

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