Polished Concrete Cost

How much does polished concrete cost?

Polished concrete cost can vary depending on the condition of the concrete, the level of polishing (gloss or matte), the size or area of the floor,
and the access (new or old construction). Most concrete polishing prices are based on how many times the polishing contractor thinks he/she has
to grind or hone the concrete floor to get it to a smooth surface, acceptable to the customer.

Larger wide open areas, like a Home Depot, tend to lower the cost of polishing a concrete floor while smaller areas with walls and doorway openings,
like a finished basement floor, tend to raise the price. Other things like decorative scoring and staining will also increase the cost of concrete

Basic cost for a polished concrete floor up to a 800 grit: $3.00 per square foot

Cost for polished concrete floors requiring decorative scoring and/or staining: Up to $8.00 per square foot

For large commercial floors, may include staining and decorative scoring: From $3.00 - $7.00 per square foot

For polishing residential concrete floors: Cost $5.00 - $12.00 per square foot

Most large commercial concrete floors being done today are poured with laser screeds and finished with ride-on power trowels making them very flat and
the surface very dense. These qualities tend to aid a polishing contractor and help keep the cost to polish the concrete around the 3 dollar per
square foot range.

Another factor keeping commercial concrete floor polishing cost low is the level of sheen they desire. Most big retail stores only require a 400 to
800 grit level of polishing. This can usually be achieved in 4 - 6 passes with the polishing equipment.

Most residential polished concrete flooring is done to a 3000 grit level. This usually requires anywhere from 8 - 10 passes with the concrete floor
polisher as well as a lot of hand work around the edges.

What makes concrete polishing prices so desirable compared to other types of flooring?

1. The design options for polished concrete are unlimited.

2. Maintenance friendly, very easy to clean.

3. Very dense, abrasion resistant surface

4. Can radiate heat, use for radiant floor heating

5. Is a green, sustainable flooring alternative

6. Isn't vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage

7. Doesn't harbor mold, mildew, dust mites, or animal dander

All these great qualities make the polished concrete cost per square foot very low compared to other kinds of flooring like tile, wood, marble, or granite.
Other flooring types like carpet and linoleum may be closer in square foot cost but don't come close to offering the quality or longevity of polished
concrete flooring.

If the cost of polished concrete is in your range or budget and you're trying to decide if it's the right flooring material for you, find a concrete
floor polishing contractor in your area and ask him for some referrals. Go look at some polished concrete floors in homes, businesses, resturaunts, and
big box stores. Talk to the owners and managers and ask them questions about looks, color, slip-resistance, and maintenance.

This little bit of effort on your part will go a long way in helping you feel more comfortable about the overall cost of concrete polishing for your

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