Removing old carpet glue on concrete floor

Q.Is there a product available that will cover old carpet glue. I've removed indoor/outdoor carpet from my concrete balcony. Glue is around the edges of the balcony. I would like to paint the concrete instead of putting more carpet down.

I've tried Goof Off to remove the old glue, however it's in the creases of the concrete topping. Is there any product that can be painted over the glue that will adhere? Thanks for your help.

A. I wouldn't recommend painting over the old carpet glue. The paint will eventually peel off and become a constant maintenance problem.

BLUE BEAR makes an environmentally friendly adhesive remover.

You could also try a heat gun if you have one. This will soften the glue and you might be able to scrape it out of the seams.

Another option would be to apply some dry ice to the areas. Give it a few minutes to freeze the glue and make it brittle. Then try scraping it out of the seams.

Removing carpet glue from concrete

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