Sealer for concrete floor with radiant heat

by Susy
(Catskills, NY)

Q. Is there a special type of sealer that should be used on a concrete floor with radiant heat.

A. That depends on what you are going to apply to the concrete floor for finished flooring.

If you plan to acid stain the concrete floor, just use some curing paper. This will cure the floor and help protect it until it is ready to stain. Then you can use a topical acrylic concrete sealer to enhance and protect the stained surface.

If you are applying a floating floor over the concrete like pergo, use an acrylic cure and seal concrete sealer.

If you are applying some type of flooring you have to glue down or a mastic for tile, just use a simple curing compound. These cure the concrete for 28 days then break down allowing for a glue or mastic to stick to the surface without grinding the curing compound off.

Just having radiant heat in the concrete doesn't effect the type of concrete sealer you use.

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