Sealer on Concrete Floor with Radiant Heat

by Juliana
(Orange, CA)

Q. What type of sealer should I use on a concrete floor with radiant heat?

A. In most cases a film forming or topical acrylic concrete sealer will work just fine. Especially if you are applying it yourself. I like the solvent based better than the water based sealers. They have a stronger odor but I think they last longer.

Epoxies and Urethanes are much more difficult to apply and you didn't say if this is a garage, basement or inside the house concrete floor.

The radiant heat in the floor shouldn't make a difference as to what sealer you use. Moisture vapor is a concern when you use epoxies.

Acrylic sealers are more user friendly and you can apply them yourself with a roller.

I would buy the sealer at a concrete supply store, not one of the big box stores. You should have one local to you. If not, call some local concrete contractors and ask them where they buy their concrete sealers.

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