Sealing after concrete poured


Q. Which sealer can I use after the concrete is poured, mean, right after....concrete still wet...tried many with out luck,,the next day it show like white areas here and there.....

A. Concrete doesn't get sealed right after it is poured and still wet. You have to let it harden and the surface needs to be dry. Then later the same day or the next day you can use an acrylic cure & seal to seal the concrete.

This kind of sealer will let the concrete breathe. If water vapor gets trapped under the sealer this will turn the sealer white.

Water and moisture will also turn the sealer white, especially if it is applied too thick.

Never apply concrete sealer if there is a chance of rain or in the heat of the day (above 80 degrees).

Always apply concrete sealer very thin, don't let it puddle. 2 thin coats 24 hours apart are much better than 1 thick coat.

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