Stamped concrete sealer

by Kevin

Q. I had stamped concrete done little over a year ago. Unfortunately I can not locate the guy who laid it to find our what sealer he used. Do i run a risk of damaging the concrete if i apply a different sealer than he used.

A. Use a decorative sealer that is solvent based not water based. Buy it from a place that sells concrete products in your area not Home depot or Lowes.

We use Scofield cureseal VOC on our stamped concrete. You can check out their website for information on their sealer.

Make sure the concrete has been dry for at least 24 hrs. Apply it with a good pump up sprayer that you can also buy at the concrete supply store. If it is less than 200 sq. ft. you could just roll it on.

Try a small area first, maybe 2' x 2'. Apply a very thin coat and let it dry overnight. If it looks fine in the morning, go ahead and seal the rest of the area. Again, apply the sealer in a very light coat, wait 24 hrs and apply a 2nd coat. If you put sealer on too thick it can cause blisters and bubbles or whitening of the sealer.

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