Stamped concrete slab is sloped wrong way

by Andrew

Q. We recently got some concrete poured and stamped for our backyard entertainment area. It runs along side the house and attached garage and is slopped to drain parallel to house/garage. However the section of concrete next to the garage is also slopped towards the garage and hence the garage floods everytime it rains.
Is there some way of running a drain along the garage to stop the water or some other solution apart from redoing 30m2 slab?

A. You can install a trench drain against the garage by sawing out the concrete the exact width of the trench drain. Remove the concrete and set the drain into the trench, flush with the surface of the concrete. Caulk all the edges and the water will now flow into the drain.

The trench drain has a 4" exit pipe you will also need to install on one end of the drain to get rid of the water.

Check out my section on garage floor drains for more information.

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