What is stenciled concrete?

Stenciled concrete is a form of decorative concrete that uses paper patterns embedded into the surface of the concrete. These paper stencils are removed soon after the concrete sets up, revealing the pattern of the stencil.

Stenciled concrete

The stencils are made from a heavy duty paper and come in rolls of up to 1000 square feet. The rolls are 3 feet wide and up to 335 feet long.

stenciled concrete

Stencils for concrete come in a variety of pattens ranging from tile, slate, stone, and many brick patterns.

stenciled concrete

Similar to stamped concrete, concrete stenciling relies on the paper stencil to make the pattern. Stenciling concrete is a great alternative to decorative stamping while offering many of the same patterns.

Advantages of Stenciled Concrete:

1. Concrete stenciling is easy for a beginner to accomplish successfully. Most any concrete finisher can produce a quality decorative stenciled project.

2. A roll of concrete stencils is much less expensive than a set of stamping mats. The price for decorative stenciling should be much less than stamped concrete.

3. Since the stencil is only slightly embedded into the surface, virtually any concrete mix can be used. The aggregate size, large or small, should not affect the stencil being pushed down into the concrete.

4. Stenciling systems are fast since all the work can be done from outside the forms with long handeled tools. Larger areas of concrete can be poured because the stenciling can be placed immediately without having to wait for the concrete to set up.

5. Concrete stenciling produces a flatter surface profile than stamped concrete because you're not tamping the paper down into the surface. Tamping a concrete stamp can sometimes leave small pockets in the surface where water can collect.

The stencil paper is made of thick, tear resistant, water resistant material similar to what milk cartons are made of. The stencil pattern consists of only mortar joints with the brick or stone part cut out.


Modello Designs of National City, California has developed a new approach to stenciling patterns on existing concrete. Their one time use decorative stencil patterns, called Modellos, are cut to order from an adhesive backed vinyl.

The adhesive keeps the stencil in place on the surface while the concrete stain, dye, or decorative overlay is applied. They have nearly 1000 decorative patterns to choose from and offer custom design patterns as well.

Patterns from drawings, photos, graphics, logos, and even carpet samples can be custom made and transfered to a concrete surface using Modellos.

Modellos can be highly decorative and intricate, check out their site at to learn more about their stenciling designs.

To find stencil patterns like brick, cobblestone, and tile check out Decorative Concrete Impressions. They have a lot of nice patterns to choose from.

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