Buying a used concrete pump can be intimidating with all the used concrete pumps for sale these days. Here are some tips for buying used concrete boom pumps and used concrete line pumps.


1. THE MONEY - Where will you get the money to buy the pump truck? Maybe you already have the cash, that's great if you do, but most people don't have between $25,000 - $200,000 dollars available to pay cash for a second hand pump truck.

Some possible places to get a loan are your local bank or credit union, an equipment financing or leasing company, the seller may finance the pump truck, a government small business loan (SBA), family and/or friends.

2. CUSTOMERS - Do you already have enough customers to make a profit? Is there a market for a concrete pumper in your area? How many other concrete pumping companies are within 100 miles of you? Do the builders, concrete foundation contractors and concrete floor contractors in your area already know you? Make sure you already have work lined up before you buy a used pump truck.

3. CONCRETE BOOM PUMP OR TRAILOR PUMP - What kind of concrete pump are you going to buy? This will depend on what your market is and how much money you have or can borrow. A used concrete trailor pump will be less money, but will limit you to smaller slabs, pool decks and basement floors. Also consider buying the concrete hose, hooking up the concrete hoses, dragging them around, breaking them down, cleaning them out and stacking them in the truck everyday. That's hard work.

Used concrete boom pumps will be more money, but will give you the oppertunity to do more concrete pumping jobs. The minimum boom length you want to consider is probably 28 meters or 92 feet. The standard boom pump length is 32 meters or 105 feet. There are many boom sizes larger, up to 70 meters, only buy what you can afford and still make a profit.

With a concrete boom pump truck, you'll get the job done faster and be able to pump 2 - 4 jobs a day.

4. WHICH BRAND IS BEST - If you ask someone already in the concrete pumping business, they will tell you the brand they use is the best. Otherwise why wouldn't they be using what they recommend. Schwing and Putzmeister concrete pumps have been around a for long time, there's a bunch of others, stick with what's been around years, you know you will always be able to get concrete pump spare parts, accessories and technical assistance.

5. WHAT TO CHARGE - Call around and find out what your competition is charging. That's what the market is willing to pay. Charge a similar rate, maybe just slightly less. Your reputation is the reason contractors will call you back as long as your rate is fair. Raising your price after the first few pumping jobs will not get you many call backs.

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