Using Concrete Sealers

by Travis
(Sioux Falls)

Q. Can you use a penetrating sealer like TK 290 penetrating sealer on a stamped concrete patio with color release and also use the sealer called Brite Seal to get the shine or wet look to the patio?

A. I have not used these products personally. After reading the data sheets of both products, the Brite Seal data sheet says it is not to be used on colored concrete that is subject to hydrostatic pressure (aka. exterior concrete without a vapor barrier). That means after it is applied to the surface and has dried, it will not allow moisture vapor from the subgrade to move up through the concrete and escape. It is a non-breathable sealer. The sealer will blister and peel under the pressure of the moisture vapor.

The TK 290 Penetrating sealer sounds like an excellent sealer for exterior concrete. It penetrates into the pores of the concrete blocking the pores and not allowing water to penetrate the surface. We all know when water freezes it expands. If water can't penetrate the surface of concrete, freeze and expand, it greatly reduces the chances of the surface scaling, popping, or peeling.

The only thing penetrating sealers don't do is enhance the color of colored concrete. Since topical sealers need to penetrate into the pores of the surface to create a good bond to the concrete, they aren't usually used together with penetrating sealers.

You can call TK Products to see what they recommend for your situation: 1 800 441-2129

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