Using Quikrete for a concrete patio

by Joseph
(Virginia Beach, Va)

Q. I am going to pour a 10x12 concrete patio, and want to use Quikcrete. I will be reinforcing it with WWF as well. Do you recommend this product for the job?

A. Quikrete will work OK for your patio. I would prefer to call a redi-mix concrete company and have them deliver the 1.5 yards of concrete you need to pour this at 4 inches thick.

You will need about 68 eighty pound bags of Quikrete to pour your patio 4 inches thick. That's a lot of mixing and heavy lifting.

68 bags of Quikrete at $4.00 per bag will cost about $272.00 dollars plus tax. You should be able to get the redi-mix concrete delivered to your house for that.

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