Water based sealer problem

by Jimmy
(Louisville, KY)

Q. I applied a coat of elitecrete water based sealer to a Floor. The first coat set about two hours, when we applied the second coat it dried funny and looked like we used a dirty mop. It looks like small bubbles. How can I fix it?

A. The first coat was probably dry to touch in two hours but wasn't completely set, applying a second coat of sealer should be done no earlier than 24 hours after the first coat. If a second coat was applied too early, gasses given off from the first coat could get trapped under the second coat forming tiny bubbles.

Concrete sealer blisters and bubbles can form for many reasons, one of those reasons is the sealer drys too fast because the air temperature is too hot or the floor is directly in the sun, trapping moisture from the concrete or gasses from the drying process that need to escape.

Try spraying or rolling some xylene over the surface of the floor, this should soften the bubbles and lay them back down. Do it in a small area first, I have had success with this.

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