waxing black concrete floor

by Nick Lee
(Moab, UT)

Q. I am just finishing up a house. I added a water based sealer (moxie 1800 admix) and color (Davis color called Graphite- essentially black) The floors turned out darker than expected- which I am ok with. The problem I was having was getting the floor clean enough to put a floor wax on. I hired an industrial floor cleaner and he got most of the stuff up but there still was some remaining lighter dirt and film where there is any texture in the concrete ( most from trowel marks) I tried using a 200 grit sanding pad and it started to show the aggregate- which I do not like. I tried a regular car wax and it left a white film in any texture or cracks- didn't like the look. Tried a black car wax and it turned out nice - all the light color that was in the texture or cracks went away. However, a small container is quite expensive. Is there an inexpensive colored floor wax or car wax on the market that would work?

A. You can check out Directcolors.com they sell floor wax by the 5 gallon bucket.

Their customer service may be able to help you find a wax colored black.

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