Will the concrete be to heavy for a kitchen floor?

Q. Will the concrete floor be to heavy in the kitchen? I have a town home 3 level and the kitchen is on the main level, if i do concrete for the flooring, will it be able to hold the weight and not crash into the basement.

A. Concrete weighs about 25 lbs per square foot when it is 2 inches thick. Without knowing how your floor was built, I can't tell you if the floor will hold that amount of weight.

I can tell you we pour interior concrete floors either 1.5" or 2" thick on wood flooring that is built with 2x10, 2x12, or floor trusses all the time. They are usually 12" or 16" on center.

I would recommend you consult with an engineer or a builder in your area who has done this before.

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