The cost of concrete is a very important part of planning and budgeting for your specific concrete project. Because the cost of a cubic yard of concrete has topped $100.00 dollars per yard in a lot of areas around the U.S., it's helpful to know the exact cost in your area.

The slab you see us pouring below used 120 yards of concrete. The cost per cubic yard of 3000 psi concrete for this slab was $92.00 dollars. That's $11,040.00 just for the concrete!

The cost for a yard of concrete will vary in different parts of the country and all over the world. I can give you a good idea of what concrete cost per cubic yard in the Northeast part of the U.S.A. specifically Maine.

How much does a yard of concrete cost?

In Maine, where I live, I specialize in concrete floors and decorative concrete. Day's Concrete Floors, Inc is the name of my company. We pour a lot of 3000 psi. concrete for interior concrete floors and 4000 psi concrete for exterior concrete. The concrete cost per yard of concrete is $92.00 for 3000 3/4 psi concrete and $100.00 for 4000 3/4 psi concrete. So 10 yards of concrete is approximately $1000.00 dollars U.S. here in Maine.

Those are the two most popular mix designs we use. There are many others but in general that should give you a good starting point. Any admixtures like fibermesh, water reducers, and accelerators will add to the cost per yard of concrete.

I pay $8.00 dollars per yard for fibermesh

I pay $4.00 dollars per yard for extra water reducer (most mixes have some already in it).

I pay $4 - $8.00 dollars for liquid accelerator depending if I order 1% or 2%.

The cost of concrete has jumped about two or three dollars a yard every year for the last ten years with the concrete company's I use. Sometimes, because of the price of fuel, the concrete company's have to raise the cost per yard of concrete more than once per year to cover the increase in fuel.

If you're planning for a project in the future, it's important to check concrete yardage prices frequently with the concrete company to stay updated.

Here's a detailed list of prices for the cost of a yard/meter of concrete and the additives that can be go along with it.

For Up To Date Concrete Pricing
Check With A Redi-Mix Concrete
Company In Your Area.

AUBURN CONCRETE is located in Auburn ME., Westbrook ME., and Bath ME. 207 777-7100

SARGENT MATERIALS  is located in central and eastern Maine. You can contact them at 207 817-7595

Feel Free to call them for any concrete pricing requests.

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