Stamped concrete salt damage

by Aman
(Ontario )

Q. Someone cleaning the sidewalk from the city threw salt on my stamped concrete. I have some pit marks and it took the top layer off. Want to know if there is any type of epoxy to repair this damage.

Thank you

A. Repairing stamped concrete is very difficult and best left to a professional. If you only have a few pit marks, you can use a product called RapidSet CementAll.

This a very fast setting concrete repair product that bonds very well. The concrete surface will have to be cleaned and prepared properly.

After it dries you can color stain the product to try to match the original color.

If quite a bit of the surface is peeling off, you are better off applying a thin, stamped concrete overlay right over the whole thing.

Whatever you do to fix this problem, you are going to have to apply a concrete sealer and keep applying it every couple of years to protect against the salt damage.

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