Knowing how to repair concrete driveway cracks will help increase the life of the concrete driveway. Keeping water, dirt, and debris from penetrating the cracks in the driveway will keep the cracks from opening up, getting worse, and the driveway failing before its time.

Successfully fixing concrete driveway cracks means first determining why the crack occurred in the first place. If the cracks in the driveway are small, hairline, 1/8 inch wide or less, these are usually normal shrinkage cracks. Sawing properly placed concrete contraction joints will help reduce or eliminate these cracks, but some may still appear.

If the driveway cracks are wider, 1/4 inch or more, these cracks are usually caused by some type of movement in the concrete, up or down. If the soil under the concrete driveway wasn't compacted properly, the concrete will settle and cause a wide crack to appear. If the soil freezes under the concrete driveway it could heave upward causing a wide crack.

Repairing a concrete driveway crack that is dormant, meaning the crack doesn't move up or down, can be done with a concrete driveway crack repair product called Emecole 555. Here is a short video showing you exactly how to fix concrete driveway cracks.

If you think the cracks in the concrete driveway are still moving, up or down, from freeze/thaw cycles in the winter or some other type of ground movement, you have to use a flexible type of concrete driveway crack filler. Emecole has a product called Emecole 85-90 that's flexible and will move with the concrete, keeping the driveway crack sealed.

Here is a short video showing Emecole 85-90 driveway concrete crack repair product.

If the surface of your concrete driveway is spalled, peeling, or pitted, learn how to resurface a concrete driveway right here.

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