Staining Concrete Countertops

Staining concrete countertops is a great way to add a mottled, rustic color to the surface of the countertop. By using an acid stain, the color will become a permanent part of the countertop and will not wear off.

Learning how to stain a concrete countertop is easy, you just need to follow these steps for a safe and successful outcome.

Acid staining a concrete countertop requires you to leave most of the surface material or paste on the countertop. Acid stain chemically reacts with the material in the cement paste not the aggregate.

If you are going to expose the aggregate by polishing the surface, it is best to add color to the concrete mix when mixing and pouring the concrete countertop.

The tools and materials you will need are: plastic sprayer with no metal parts, acid stain, water, rubber gloves, sponge brush, measuring cup, bucket and sponge.

Protect anything you don't want to get stain on because there will be a little over-spray around the edges.

Clean the countertop, make sure there is no dust or other contaminants on the surface. Lightly moisten the surface with water, use a sponge or the sprayer. Acid stain reacts better if the concrete surface is slightly damp.

Mix the acid stain with water according to the dilution instructions on the acid stain container. Carefully pour the acid stain into the sprayer and spray the stain onto the surface of the concrete countertop. Completely wet the surface but don't get it on so heavy it puddles.

You should see a fizzing action when the acid stain comes into contact with the countertop surface. This means it is working! If you don't see any fizzing then try a stronger acid solution in your sprayer.

Use the brush to get into the difficult corners, seams and edges of the countertop. After you have stained the entire concrete countertop, let it sit overnight.

The next day rinse the countertop with water. When the countertop is wet it will give you a good idea as to what it will look like after it is sealed.

If you want it darker, dry the surface and stain the concrete countertop like you did the first time. When the color looks good to you it's time to neutralize the acid stain using 1 part baking soda to 5 parts water. Apply this solution over the entire acid stained concrete countertop using a sponge and let in sit for a couple of minutes.

Now, rinse the surface with clean water 2 to 3 times, let it dry for 24 hours and you're ready to apply the concrete countertop sealer.

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