What is the best garage floor finish for your garage floor?

That is a very good question, I'll compare some popular garage floor finishes so you can decide which finish will look best on your floor and fit your style and needs.

I have a page dedicated to each of these concrete floor finishes, if you want more information, click on each link for a more detailed explanation.

Here is an overview of some terrific garage flooring products.

GARAGE FLOOR EPOXY - A 100% solids garage floor epoxy paint is a very durable, long lasting, easy to clean, garage floor coating. It comes in a variety of colors and after it dries it is harder than the concrete it is painted on. 

garage floor finish

GARAGE FLOOR PROTECTOR - Polyaspartic Polyurea is similar to epoxy but it dries much faster. You can paint your floor and move your stuff back in the very next day. With epoxy you have to wait 72 hours to get back on it. This floor finish won't yellow, chalk, or fade, and can be applied in temperature as low as -30 degrees F.

garage floor finish

GARAGE FLOOR PAINT - This is the simple one part epoxy you purchase at a big box store. It's very inexpensive, easy to install, and doesn't last very long. I wouldn't waste your money here.

garage floor finish

GARAGE FLOOR MATS - These are very durable, easy to install, and easy to clean. They come in rolls up to 10 feet wide and as long as 60 feet. There are many colors and styles to choose from. They're great if your garage floor is cracked up and you don't want to patch the cracks, just cover them up so you don't have to look at them.

garage floor finish

GARAGE FLOOR TILES - Interlocking tiles are easy to install. They come in many decorative colors and designs to choose from. The good ones will last for many years and cleaning them is easy. If you spend a lot of time standing in your garage these are easy on the feet and back.

garage floor finish

GARAGE FLOOR SEALER - Sealer is a simple, easy to apply finish for your garage floor. If you don't do anything else you should apply a concrete sealer to your garage floor. It's very inexpensive and will help protect the concrete from chemicals, oil, and deicing salts. This can go on clear or a tinted sealer will give you a shade of color.

garage floor finish

CONCRETE STAIN - Using a concrete acid stain with a clear sealer is a great finish for your garage floor. Acid stain will give you a unique look that is permanent, it will never wear off. It's a little more difficult to install but very inexpensive compared to some other finishes. See HOW TO STAIN CONCRETE FLOORS to learn how to do this.

garage floor finish

POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORING - This is probably the most durable, highly decorative, easy to maintain, concrete floor finish of all. Polished concrete can be colored or left as is, it can have a low gloss or shine like a mirror. The choice is yours depending on what you want to invest in it. This is one floor finish you will want to hire an expert. It takes experience and skill to do this right.

garage floor finish

As you can see, there are many garage floor finishes to choose from. The best one really depends on what you're going to use your garage for and how much money you want to invest in the flooring.

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